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Newest version

Download version 2.5.2 released on 06.01.2006. This requires at least Windows XP.

To run the program, unzip the downloaded file where you want, and run the executable file.

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This is a puzzle game with pictures that you can choose. You just pick a picture and randomize it, then solve it.

The dialog-box automatically resizes (only when the program starts) to fit on most part of the desktop. It doesn't matter what resolution the picture is: it is also resized to the best fit.

You can save a game, so that you could close the program at any time, and resume the game later.

For more features read History of changes.

History of changes

The "GDIPlus.dll" file has been updated (to version 5.1.3102.1360) to correct the JPEG exploit.

The default font is Verdana 9.

The grid is not displayed when the puzzle is solved. This allows you to see the whole picture.

Bug fix: saved games which referred pictures with a grid with a number of columns or rows less than 5 were incorrectly loaded.

The "GDIPlus.dll" file has been included in the package.

Support for WindowsXP visual styles.

Fixed a bug: now you can see when you flip a piece.

The height of the main window is a little bigger.

The downloadable archive is self-executable.

Added "Open picture" menu.

Fixed a bug when saving a game at program's stop (previously, the game was not saved as "last game").

Added a query dialog for saving modified games when you try to close the program or load another game.

Added the "Download pictures" menu.

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