PicturePuzzle Help




Play a puzzle game with a picture that you can choose (the system must be able to display the picture). You are good at this game if you make no wrong moves.

You can't run at the same time more than one instance of the program.


The dialog automatically resizes (only when the program starts) to fit on most part of the desktop. It doesn't matter what resolution the picture is; it is also resized to the best fit.

The puzzle panel is divided in columns and rows; you can set these numbers in the dialog. The aspect ratio of the pictures may not be the real one, because they have to be aligned to the number of rows and columns, but it is the closest possible.

To create your own puzzle do the following: load a picture file (press "F5") and randomize the picture (press "Alt+A"). To increase the difficulty of a game, increase the number of columns and rows, before you load a picture.

The Allow flipping pieces check-box allows the randomize function to flip each piece, both horizontally and vertically. Check this option to increase the difficulty of solving the puzzle.

To solve a puzzle, just drag each piece of the puzzle in the place where you think it should be: use the original picture to find its place. You can drop a piece on both the puzzle and the original pictures. A piece of the puzzle that is in the correct place can't be moved.

Use "Ctrl + LMB" on a piece to flip it horizontally. This function is just for you to see the piece better. When you move a piece in its correct place, it is automatically flipped to its right position: you don't have to do it manually.

Use "Shift + LMB" on a piece to flip it vertically.

To highlight a piece on both the original and puzzle pictures, right-click on it. Use this when you have to easily locate a piece in the original picture that has to be in a specific place of the puzzle picture (like when all the pieces around that place are correct, but you have just this one missing).

You can save a puzzle (into a ".ppg" file), so that you could close the program at any time, and resume the puzzle later.

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