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Help center

If you want to read the online help and the Q&A, you can do so for the following programs:

General troubleshooting

The minimum hardware requirements for most programs are normal:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 / 8 / 10.

  • Some programs require DotNet 4.5 (or newer). For an operating system before Windows 8, if you aren't current with all the updates, you can download Microsoft's .Net 4.5 from here.

  • Mouse and keyboard.

  • 1280 * 720 pixels display resolution.

  • Intel Pentium, AMD 586 microprocessor.

  • Several tens of MB of free RAM.

  • Several tens of MB of free space on the hard-drive.

When you install a new version of a program, be sure to first close any running instances of that program. If you don't, you'll either receive an error or the new installation program won't even start.

If you can't start a program anymore, then delete the configuration file and try to start it again.

If you find an error in a program and you want to report it, please provide the following information:

  • An exact description of the error and how can it be reproduced.

  • The name of the program (and its version) which you have used while the error occurred.

  • Operating system version.

  • The stack trace, if there is any.


The website works in the major web browsers.

There are very few features which use JavaScript, but there is no other active content.