Threats Against Freedom


Through-clothes scanners

Through-clothes scanners

This is a technology for scanning the human body, basically to see under the clothes, with or without your consent and knowledge, in real-time.

For more information about this kind of scanners you can read this FAQ.

Governments want to use the technology in: airports, subways, courtrooms, embassies, sports arenas, concert halls, museums, commercial buildings, and prisons.

There already are hand-held devices like these. Not only that, but it is planned for police forces to use them in a hidden manner.

What is worse is that people who are asked to go through these scanners are not told what they are.

If you want to see what people are subjected to, see here (the public beginnings of airport deployment), here (a man is legally investigated because he refused to go through a scanner and chose to not fly), and here (thousands of pictures from these scanners were saved out of the scanners).

Intimacy issues aside, the question is do these scanners even protect people from terrorists? They don't because they can't see inside the body (and in-body scanning would kill more people with radiation than bombs would). Here is such an attack.

Here is a business opportunity for making lead-padded fabric!

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