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Decryption Keys

The private content of an NFT is usually encrypted and can be decrypted by opening it in one of the following external programs: 7-Zip (external source, free), WinRar or WinZip. When you try to open the private content ZIP file with one of these programs, it asks for the password / decryption key.

The decryption key can be found in the unlockable content of the NFT's listing in the marketplace. In the future, it will hopefully be accessible by logging to a service with the NFT.

For the NFTs with the "Supporters", "Cultural" and "Patron" license types, the decryption keys of their private content are made public here. For the "Cultural" and "Patron" license types, the nicknames of the (primary market) buyers are also made public, unless requested otherwise.

Pending decryption keys:

  • Opportunities - Chocolate Eclipse: voidsculptorart_eth_caf0bb4d3d6e856d_ee66822ad20392921501

  • Opportunities - Chocolate Eclipse (animation): voidsculptorart_eth_caf0bb4d3d6e856d_b933f91f7fb6fb2ac15c

  • 117 Billion - Beginnings

  • Big Bang - Dark

  • Big Bang - Light

  • Butterfly Symphony - Chocolate

  • Butterfly Symphony - Copper

  • Butterfly Symphony - Lust

  • Butterfly Symphony - Royal

  • Butterfly Symphony - Voluptuous

  • Dragon Fire - I Breathe

  • Dragonfly Sonata - Beach

  • Dragonfly Sonata - Caramel Lava

  • Dragonfly Sonata - Dreamweaver

  • Dragonfly Sonata - Electric Storm

  • Dragonfly Sonata - Enchanted Forest

  • Dragonfly Sonata - Oasis

  • Eternal Firefly - Chocolate Sun

  • Eternal Firefly - Into The Honey

  • Eternal Firefly - Sky

  • Eternal Firefly - Tropical Waters

  • Fusion

  • Quarks - Gold

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