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The related article is here.

Nutrition - Robert Lustig, hosted by Jesse Chappus. (Fats break down)

Dairy - Tim Spector and Sarah Berry, hosted by ZOE.

Fermented foods - Tim Spector and Will Bulsiewicz, hosted by ZOE.

Fermented foods - Mark Hyman, hosted by Dhru Purohit.

Nutrition, microbiome - Tim Spector, hosted by Steven Bartlett.

Nutrition - Tim Spector and Sarah Berry, hosted by ZOE.

Nutrition - Christopher Gardner, hosted by Gil Carvalho.

Beyond the plant-based narrative about the Mediterranean diet and Blue Zones - Bill Schindler, hosted by Anthony Chaffee.

Beyond the plant-based narrative about the Blue Zones - Niklas Ekstedt, reviewed by Triarius Project. (Original: Sardinia)

Cholesterol, LDL, ApoB and heart disease - William Cromwell, hosted by Gil Carvalho.

Fats (omega 3) - Bill Harris, hosted by Simon Hill.

Food allergies - Elroy Vojdani, hosted by Dhru Purohit.

Microbiome, gut health - Will Bulsiewicz, hosted by Steven Bartlett.

How the food industry lies - Calley Means, hosted by Jesse Chappus.

Ultra processed food - Chris Van Tulleken, hosted by Rangan Chatterjee.

Nitric oxide - Nathan Bryan, hosted by Jesse Chappus.

Vegetable oils - Jeff Nobbs, hosted by Dhru Purohit.

Too much sugar - Robert Lustig, hosted by Doctor's Kitchen.

Meat in diets - Paul Saladino.

Chocolate - Tim Spector and Spencer Hyman, hosted by ZOE.

Vitamin supplements - JoAnn Mason, hosted by ZOE.

Lessons from untouched corners of the world - Mary Ruddick, hosted by Jesse Chappus.

How influencers lie about nutrition - Brad Stanfield.

FoodGate - Robert Lustig, hosted by University of California.

Chemicals in food - Anthony Jay, hosted by Mike Mutzel.

Cholesterol, how ideology becomes "science" - Tim Noakes, hosted by Low Carb Down Under.

Channels (long format advice)

Dhru Purohit

Jesse Chappus

Mark Hyman

Max Lugavere

Paul Saladino

Rangan Chatterjee

Rupy Aujla


Channels (short format advice)

Thomas DeLauer


USDA food list - The reference of food composition from the United States Department of Agriculture.

MyFoodData - Various tools related to food composition.

USDA doses - Webapp for daily recommended doses for essential nutrients.

NIH doses - Daily recommended doses for essential nutrients.

MyDr - Calculator for calories burned during various types of physical activity.

Mdcalc - Framingham - Calculator for the Framingham risk score for cardiovascular disease.


What the world eats (National Geographic)

Meat consumption, by type, per capita (Our World In Data)

Meat consumption, by type, per capita (Visual Capitalist)

Life expectancy, by country (Our World In Data)


The related article is here.

Mind Over Masters: The Question of Free Will

Sabine Hossenfelder - Free will

Closer To Truth - What is Free Will?

Rethinking Thinking: How Intelligent Are Other Animals?

Dandapani - Unwavering focus


Closer To Truth - Philosophy, some science.

What is Reality?

The related article is here.

Everything and Nothing: What is Nothing? - Nothingness. Narrated by Jim Al-Khalili. (Was deleted.)

Nothing: The Science of Emptiness - Nothingness.

Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe - Quantum fields. David Tong.

Why Space Itself May Be Quantum in Nature - Space. Jim Baggott.

How Can Space and Time be the Same Thing? - Space and time. Lee Smolin, hosted by Closer To Truth.

Origin of the Universe & the Arrow of Time - Time. Sean M Carroll.

The Physics and Philosophy of Time - Time. Carlo Rovelli.

Time Is of the Essence… or Is It? - Time.

Time Since Einstein - Time.

Time at Sea - Time. Hosted by Closer To Truth.

What is Time? - Time. Hosted by Closer To Truth.

Julian Barbour - Time. Hosted by Closer To Truth.

The Richness of Time - Time (in the human culture).

A Matter of Time - Time. You'll see how difficult it is for people to say that the whole confusion about the illusion of time is that what people colloquially understand through the concept of "time", in reality is the concept of "change". People can't measure time, they can only measure change.

Why Do You Remember The Past But Not The Future - Traces. PBS Space Time.

Our Mathematical Universe - Reality of mathematics. Max Tegmark, hosted by Brian Greene.

The Universe in 90 minutes - Various topics. Sean Carroll.

Superdeterminism - Why Bell's quantum observation experiment doesn't prove what it claims to prove. Sabine Hossenfelder.

What If We Live in a Superdeterministic Universe? - PBS Space Time.

Do Events Inside Black Holes Happen? - Black holes. PBS Space Time.

Inside Black Holes - Black holes. You can ignore the math and just listen to the concepts. Leonard Susskind.

Computation and the Fundamental Theory of Physics - A computational way to understand the progression of the Universe. Stephen Wolfram.


Memory and entropy - Traces. Carlo Rovelli.


Jim Al-Khalili, Spark - Physics documentaries. (Order And Disorder, Quantum Physics)

History of the Universe - Science documentaries.

World Science Festival - Physics, general science.

The Royal Institution - Physics, general science.

Sabine Hossenfelder - Physics, general science.

Lawrence Krauss (The Origins Podcast) - Physics, general science.

Closer To Truth - Philosophy, some science.

Lex Fridman - Various subjects, AI, general science.

Great speeches

Amy Cuddy - Your body language shapes who you are.

Diana Nyad - Never, ever give up. Diana Nyad, age 64, swam 100 miles from Cuba to Florida, the first person to do so.

Larry Smith - Why you will fail to have a great career.

Ken Robinson - Finding your element.

Personal development

Tom Bilyeu

Steven Bartlett (The Diary Of A CEO)

Lewis Howes

Searching for a partner

This section is for people who want to understand, rather than simply have, romantic relationships.

The related article is here.

For more educational material, you can search on YouTube for things like "dating advice", "dating coach", "relationship coach", "men's lifestyle", "women's lifestyle". Some material is dedicated to picking up women for casual sex, which is the opposite of the article above, but you can still learn about confidence.

Marriage tips from a divorce lawyer - James Sexton, hosted by Lewis Howes.

Marriage tips from a divorce lawyer - James Sexton, hosted by Lex Fridman. (A large part of the video is about the personal life of James.)

Making marriage work - John Gottman.

Why you will marry the wrong person - Alain de Botton.

Signs you've found your soulmate - Hosted by Lewis Howes.

The wait is sexy - Yvonne Orji. Funny delivery of what it means to have a controlled sexual lifestyle.

Reality check

Educating men.

Better Bachelor 1, Better Bachelor 2 - The availability of unlimited partners destroys meaningful relationships. Online dating amplifies this effect.

Women's selection criteria are not calibrated for reality - Alexander Grace.

Better Bachelor 3 - In some places of the world, society leans toward condemning men without proof.

Don't trust DNA tests provided by a single party - Better Bachelor.


Educating men.

Rollo Tomassi - Critical and technical view on relationships.

Alexander Grace - Critical view on relationships.

Rich Cooper - Critical view on relationships.

Better Bachelor - Critical view on relationships.


The related article is here.

Trading education

Duomo Initiative - Financial education

Chris Dunn - Cryptocurrency lessons for new traders and investors

Chris Dunn - Prepare for the coming cryptocurrency bear market

Epic soundtracks

Soundtracks to listen to, for an epic experience.

All links point to YouTube.



Relaxation sounds

You can play (relaxation) sounds with NoisetteX or any sound player.

Here are some white noise sound files, each with a 5'000 seconds duration: Air - Smooth, Medium air - Smooth, High air - Smooth, Air - Deep, Air - Stratospheric, Rain - Smooth, Static; right-click a link and choose "Save target / link as" in order to save each file on your computer. When you click on a link, modern browsers start streaming the noise, so that you can see which ones you like.

Here are some white noise videoclips to play during the night: airplane, celestial.

Here are some white noise videoclips to play during the day: B-17 airplane, crickets, fireplace 1, fireplace 2, gas furnace, idle train engine, interstellar, rain, soft rain - flower, soft rain - foggy mountain, train, winter wind.

You can convert the videoclips to audio files using online services, then maybe edit the annoying parts using Audacity, and also fix the volume.

Relaxing talking

Generally, tutorials of any kind can be relaxing (and educational), like: restoration, painting, wood work, pottery work, fashion, medical examination, product presentation.

Unintentional ASMR

Pure Unintentional ASMR

Let's Find Out ASMR

French Whisperer ASMR


Kirby Allison

Sartorial Talks

Brent Binder - Chiropractor

Rahim Gonstead - Chiropractor

Bob Ross - Painter

David Bull - Woodblock carver


ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a tingling sensation under the skin, somewhat like goosebumps under the skin; the intense tingles feel like electricity flowing through the branches of a lightning. The tingling starts from the back of the head and may move down the spine.

The oldest ASMR experiences may be remembered from childhood, when children hear their mothers or fathers whisper loving words and caress them.

Not all people experience ASMR.

ASMR is triggered, for example, by faint noises which occur in a silent environment, like:

  • Slow whispering (not a low volume voice, but whispering slowly).

  • Slow breathing.

  • Soft sounds made by the mouth, like the movements of the lips and tongue.

  • Hair or skin being slowly brushed.

  • Slowly handling paper, like turning book pages.

  • The movement of the clothes of a person who moves slowly, especially of stiffer clothes.

  • The movement of clothes on a leather armchair.

  • Dusting.

  • Intense sounds, like accelerating sport car engines.

Whispering is the most effective factor, triggering ASMR in 75% of people (who experience ASMR).

Below are some videoclips which are relaxing and may even trigger ASMR in you; their effect is unlikely to be as intense as it can be when triggered by physical events in a quiet environment. It may be better to listen rather than watch because the brain can relax more when it doesn't have to concentrate on watching.

Some of the files below need to be heavily edited (to remove annoying sounds from them).


Real medical examination

Eye medical examination


Artists: Orion, Lloyd, Mellow Microphone, Haircut Harry, ASMR Japan, Shoe Shine Gentle, Ephemeral Rift, Dmitri, Fred's Voice, Phoenician Sailor, Articulate Design, Relaxing ASMR.

Orion - Doctor eye examination

Orion - Heart doctor

Lloyd - Annual physical examination

Lloyd - Cranial nerve examination

Lloyd - Eye examination

Lloyd - Star Wars droid repair

Mellow Microphone - Dental examination

Mellow Microphone - Cranial nerve examination

Haircut Harry - Vancouver - Josh Malcolm

Shoe Shine Gentle - Carmina

Ephemeral Rift - Potato microphones

Ephemeral Rift - Chalkboard countdown

Ephemeral Rift - Checkup with Professor Clemmons

Dmitri - Cranial nerve examination

Dmitri - Eye examination

Dmitri - Tibetan singing bowls

Phoenician Sailor – Barber

Articulate Design - Cranial nerve examination

Articulate Design - Haircut

Relaxing ASMR - Electronics catalog


Artists: Moonlight Cottage, Blue Whisper, Gentle Whispering, Atmosphere, Goodnight Moon, FeMale, ASMR August (doctor's checkups), Isabel Imagination, ASMR Requests, Veni Vidi Vulpes, Serena (French), Lily Whispers, Peaceful Pleasure, Whisper Sketch, Whisper Audios.

Diana Devitt-Dawson - Alexander technique lesson

Blue Whisper - Bedside nurse

Blue Whisper - Medical attention

Blue Whisper - Physical exam

Blue Whisper - Dentist visit

Blue Whisper - Eye examination

Blue Whisper - Cranial nerve exam

Gentle Whispering - Gentleman suit fitting

Gentle Whispering - Cards and journals

Gentle Whispering - Surrealist Art

Gentle Whispering - Paper planes

Gentle Whispering - Fabulous fabrics

Gentle Whispering – Spa

Gentle Whispering - Your relaxation application

Atmosphere - Victorian old town (RPG)

Goodnight Moon - Babblebrook Inn

FeMale - Physical Examination

ASMR August - Doctor examination

Isabel Imagination - Cranial nerve examination

ASMR Requests - FX make-up artist

ASMR Requests - Art restoration

ASMR Requests - Mineral mining

ASMR Requests - Fizzy cloud dough

Veni Vidi Vulpes - Men's haircut and safety razor shave

Serena - Skin, hair care and makeup

Lily Whispers - Make-up lesson

Peaceful Pleasure - Magazine page turning

Whisper Sketch - Watercolor painting

Whisper Audios - Turning you into a vampire

Bob Ross

Here are some relaxing videoclips of Bob Ross explaining how to paint.

Some of the files below need to be heavily edited (to remove annoying sounds from them).

S02E05 - Autumn splendor

S02E08 - Reflections

S02E09 - Black and white seascape

S02E10 - Lazy river

S02E11 - Black waterfall

S03E04 - Winter night

S03E10 - Campfire

S04E09 - Cool waters

S05E13 - Meadow stream

S06E02 - Nature's edge

S06E05 - Secluded forest

S07E04 - Mountain cabin

S07E06 - Misty waterfall

S07E12 - Dock scene

S08E06 - Bubbling mountain brook

S08E10 - Cactus at sunset

S08E12 - Lonely retreat

S08E13 - Northern lights

S09E04 - Meadow road

S09E06 - Secluded beach

S11E01 - Mountain stream

S19E10 - After the rain

S19E12 - Evening's peace

S20E10 - Days gone by

S23E03 - Mountain ridge lake

S26E02 - Delightful meadow home

S31E12 - In the midst of winter

Special - Grandeur of summer

Relaxation videos

Wryfield Lab - Acrylic paint bubbles (photos here)


The voices of Loren Allred - The Greatest Showman - Never Enough, Morissette Amon - Rise Up, Marcelito Pomoy - The Prayer, Dimash Kudaibergen - S.O.S d'un terrien en détresse.

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency. See this for details.

Added Relaxation sounds.

Added Great speeches.

Skarp's laser razor (not epilator).

AudioMachine is a production house for "epic" music. See Breath and Life, I Create, Guardians at the Gate and Quantum Expansion.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. See this for details.

Handbrake is an open source DVD ripper and video converter.

The music of Celtic Woman (You Raise Me Up, Orinoco Flow, The Voice), the music of Yanni (Nostalgia, Butterfly, The Storm - Violin Samvel Yervinyan and Sayaka Katsuki, Awesome violin solo - Samvel Yervinyan), the music of Secret Garden (Nocturne), the movie Man from Earth about a man who lives for thousands of years (great for those who enjoy stage play).

NasaImages is an archive of all images made by NASA.

Jeff Dunham is a comedian ventriloquist with an incredible talent. Each puppet has its own personality, voiceprint and jokes. Warning: the shows available for purchase contain a significant amount of sexual language and insinuations.

Portal is a game which lets the player go through portals, "skipping" the space between them. This is what fluons are about, so you can experience how it would be to travel through fluons.

Wearable displays will be a big part of out lives in the near future. Though they will be integrated in normal glasses, they will display images even better than today's desk monitors.

Tesla Motors makes the electric cars designed and built so far look clumsy. They are truly changing the common perception in design, performance, efficiency. Hardly a common price tag, but hey, it's here! (Great website too.)

Surface is a fundamental change in the way we interact with computers. Microsoft says they will be selling this from the winter of 2007. (Flash website. Skip the intro.)

Animusic makes very cool computer animations with music. Do you remember that "PipeDream" video-clip from a few years back? Check their downloads section for samples.

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