Sex Menu

Warning! This document contains sections about the human sexuality. These sections are specifically marked. Educational or not, you might not want to read sexual content.

If you go through the topics below in order, top to bottom, each person should alternatively read the next topic. If a single person were to read the topics, he / she would expose all his / her personality while the other person could change his / her answers in order to pretend that he / she is a good match.

The text in italic font, and text within parenthesis, contains instructions and tips, not topics.

The conversation topics (about sex) are available in a desktop friendly format and in a smartphone friendly format.

The list of topics below is a limited list of possible actions to do during sex. You might want to add your own topics.

If you have to keep notes of your agreements about sex, you might want to print the sex menu.

Instructions for answering

For each topic from the list below, each person should state his / her preferences. Then, an agreement has to be reached on who the subject of the action is supposed to be, and with what frequency should the action be done. The agreement is valid only until one person changes his / her mind. Write down the result as follows:

The Subject indicates who should be the "Subject" from the action; if the word "Subject" is missing, this can be ignored:

The Frequency indicates how often the action should be done, at the request of the person who wants to do the action:

The disagreement result indicates how to handle an action that one person doesn't want to do:

Examples of answered topics:


After sex activity: We stay in tight body contact with penetration.

After sex activity: We stay in tight body contact without penetration.



Fisting: Subject thrusts fist inside partner's vagina.

Foreplay and non-sexual:



Multiple partners:


Penetration, Anal: The penis in the woman's anus.

Penetration, Oral:

Penetration, Vaginal: The penis in the vagina.

Position for oral sex: 69 (man on his back in bed, woman on top facing the man's penis).

Position for oral sex: Pecker (woman on her back in bed, with head over the edge of the bed, man standing next to her head).

Position for clitoral stimulation: Rolling waves (man on his back in bed, woman on her back on top of the man; optional anal penetration; the man can put his legs over and between her legs and spread them apart; the man can stimulate her clitoris and vagina).

Position for vaginal or anal penetration:


Setting and location:

Teasing and domination:


Tying up:

Rough sex: