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Newest version

Download version 1.1.3 released on 13.06.2011. This requires at least Windows 7 SP1. For an operating system before Windows 8, if you aren't current with all the updates, you might have to first install Microsoft's .Net 4.5 from here.

To run the program, just run the downloaded file.

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SlimEdit is a simple plain text editor.

Important features:

  • Has pages which make it possible to edit several files in the same window.

  • Has two types of font which makes it possible to open files which should be edited in fix-size font, and files should be edited / read in variable-size font.

  • Has rods, that is, Replace On Demand commands. Rods are texts which can be written in the editor, and which are replaced with another text when the user presses a shortcut key (press Alt + D). There is also an autocomplete function for rods (press Ctrl / Alt + Space).

  • Has color schemes.

  • Has an integrated function for XSLT transformations.

For more features read History of changes.


Can't determine if the selection of text is performed upward or downward, and thus, if you use "Shift + Home" or "Shift + End", then the "Shift + Left" and "Shift + Right" keys will only work with the end of the selected text.

UTF8 is the only supported text encoding.

System bugs

When the "SingleLinePageButtons" setting is changed from true to false, all edit-boxes report being modified even though they are not.

There are some cases when the "End" key doesn't move the caret to the end of the current line (but with one character to the left), and that is when the current paragraph wraps onto the next line (and the word wrapping is also involved somehow).

History of changes

Version 1.1.2

Small changes and bug fixes.

Version 1.0.4

Added shortcuts for (user-defined) rods. A shortcut can be used to apply a rod, instead of typing the rod.

Version 1.0.2

Bug fixed: in the rod auto-complete dialog, the rod's name is now correctly focused even when the rod command has parameters.

The "login" rod now has a replace parameter which is used as login URL.

Version 1.0.1

Fixed bug when text was replaced with an empty string.

First public release of SlimEdit: version 1 on 09 March 2006.

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