FileMatrix Screenshots




The layout can be changed in various ways. The skin from each thumbnail is set separately from the layout (see the "Skins" menu).

There are plenty of options you can change to make the program look as you want it to.

Working with pictures

Simple skins

Predefined "Marble" skin.

Default layout.

Simple layout.

Three columns, thumbnails, file type, active file information bar (at the bottom). Each board has its own number of visible columns.

Directory tree navigator (at the left). Each board has its own directory tree navigator.

Media play-list (at the right). Each board has the option to show or hide the media play-list.

Working at night is safe for your eyes.

More screenshots

Setup a picture browser.

Change the translucency of controls.

The "Configuration and help wizard" dialog.

The "Search" dialog.

The "Directory tree navigator" dialog.

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