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If you want to write a plugin for FileMatrix, you can simply follow the instructions below. A plugin is a simple DLL file that exports several functions. The plugin is automatically called for files with certain name extensions, but not for those files that are processed internally by the program; directories are not sent to plugins.

If you write a plugin, you will not be paid. If you want to make it available for free or if you want to sell it to other people, it's up to you.

If you want to make your plugin public, it will be put on this page with a download link to it. Also, if you want, your name will be put here, your website address, and your email address. Your plugin can also be hosted here.

Picture viewer

This plugin has to create graphical representations of files, into bitmaps. The plugin works with the picture viewer itself, the thumbs, and the picture convertor.

Caching pictures is not your problem, it's the program's; caching is performed only for thumbs, not for the picture viewer itself.

Here you have a template source code written in C++Builder; last update on 06.06.2004. You can test this template plugin on any file with the extension ".dwg", ".dxf" or ".plt", regardless of what it contains.

For example, you could write a plugin for CAD files.


All plugins must be put in the "Plugins" directory, from the installation directory of the program.

No plugin is available at this time.

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