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Business versus creation

There is a warm, sunny day out in the fields of Hellis.

A bunch of people have gathered in the fields. They are hungry but are unwilling to go look for food. They just sit on their asses waiting for food to drop into their mouths. THIS IS THE NEED.

At some distance from them, there is a house where some dude (with crazy hair) has worked hard his entire life to create something, the one thing for which he believes people would praise Him as The Creator. This dude has just finished up his life dream: a small winged creature (actually many of them) which he calls "chicken", creature which he considers is eatable, if fried. Now he just sits on his ass waiting for the people in the fields to praise Him, for He has created The Chicken. THIS IS THE CREATION.

But the people in the fields are simply sitting on their asses, with a lost look in their eyes, waiting for food to drop into their mouths. THIS IS DESPERATION.

They are whining and crying so hard that you, as a God, are tempted to just drop a rain of fried chicken breast on them, right into their mouths. THIS IS COMPASSION.

But, behold, one bold dude stands up and yells to the crowd that the blabbering dude next to him is going to go to the house and tell to its inhabitants that the people in the fields want food. THIS IS ADVERTISING.

He says to the crowd that they simply have to toss at the blabbering dude some small, yellowish, shinny rounds they see on the ground. He says to people that the blabbering dude just likes how the rounds shine, and that he wants lots of them. THIS IS MONEY.

So, people toss the yellowish rounds. The blabbering dude gives some of the rounds to the bold dude. The blabbering dude then starts walking toward the house. He gets there and tells to The Creator that the people in the fields want food. THIS IS COMMUNICATION.

The Creator says that he has what people want, but he wonders how the food would get into people's mouths, considering that the people are out there and the food is in here?! THIS IS THE CHALLENGE.

So, the blabbering dude goes back to the people in the fields and tells them about that. People are stupefied. The Creator has food but he would not come to give it to them! As people's bellies make the most bizarre sounds, you, as a God, feel so much compassion that you want to take the chickens and drop them in people's mouths. THIS IS JUST NUTS.

But, behold, once again the bold dude stands up and yells to the crowd that the funny looking dude next to him is going to go to the house and bring the chickens back to people. He tells people to toss some yellowish rounds to the funny looking dude. People do so and the funny looking dude gives some to the bold dude. The funny looking dude goes to the house, puts a bunch of chickens into his back sack (which, by the way, is what makes him look funny) and goes back into the fields. THIS IS TRANSPORTATION.

He goes to a smelly dude who takes the chickens and fries them. Then the smelly dude goes to people and tells them to simply hand him some shinny rounds so that he would give them chickens. THIS IS SERVICE AND DISTRIBUTION.

Now people eat and no longer starve. (... Although, tomorrow is another day and the yellowish rounds are less on the ground!)

Now, you, as a God, see a happy dude who appears to hide something. You look closer and see him counting a lot of shinny rounds. You realize that this dude has more rounds than the others. You see him giving satisfied looks to the bold, the blabbering, the funny looking, and the smelly dudes. You realize that he has organized everything, and so people can eat now instead of starve, and that all the other dudes had given him some rounds. THIS IS BUSINESS.

(This story was an act of Creation!).

How can open source software conquer the world?

Virtually all people who can create but can't sell, hate those who make lots of money: the big businesses. They want equality in profit, not in the sense that everybody should make the same amount, but that some of them are making too much. They want to have money, but can't make it because it's just not their nature.

They think that ideas in themselves are good. They say to themselves: "Man, I only need to have a good idea and then money will start pouring on me".

But they don't realize or care that something good is only something which brings profit... because profit is the path of all evolutionary processes. So, a "good idea" is only one which sells, not one which would sell if millions of people would know about it, but one which convinces those millions of people to buy it. Of course, the idea can't do it by itself, so some humans have to do it.

This is something the open source movement is not capable of doing. And I don't say this to disparage open source, but to say that most people involved in it have no idea of what it takes to make an idea (and the work resulted from it) profitable, but they want the world to use it, that is, they want the world to use something which brings no profit.

Let's say all Linux developers and distributors would start asking 200 USD for a copy (= download, CD). Who would buy it anymore? RedHat, Novell, IBM, they have the ability to find people, usually companies, who are willing to pay this kind of money. That is awesome. These companies are getting rich and they didn't even had to create the software. They can't create, but they know what is the engine of survival, of evolution: profit.

This is what makes an idea good: it's ability to bring profit. This what makes one thing better than another: it's ability to bring more profit.

A silly idea is something which is used only because it's free (and this is either because it's not good enough to sell, or because its users hate those who make money from selling the idea).

If open source promoters want the world to use such products, they would better start getting a profit out of them. And they can't do this if they hate those who make money!

I've profited many times. Because Linux is acquired without a price, does not mean that there is "no profit".

Let me put this clearly: if those applications would cost 200 bucks, they would not be bought! Therefore, the market value of those applications is ZERO (well, actually whatever people are willing to pay)!

Of course they have some use for some users because those users have nullified the cost of understanding the software, in many years of learning. But for all those billions of people who make the world's market, the costs are very high. Just hearing about Linux, just listening that it does similar things with Windows is a very costly physical and mental process. This is what business means: making people BUY what you sell.

The value of something, from a world perspective, is not only what you get from it, but (just as important) what its producers get from it. This transfer of value, of benefit of use, is EQUATED by MONEY. In a prosperous society there can not be an imbalance of benefit of use.

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